(WORK IN PROGRESS) “Shadows of Niflheim”


I am a level designer / world builder of the prototype for Shadows of Niflheim, with the prototype still being a work in progress. Clicking the link above gives you an object file of the entire level.

The game takes place in Norse mythology, and it’s about a demigod who has to save the world from a blight that has frozen the entire land. The main character doesn’t know he’s a demigod until he loses his caretaker. He/she starts out with a spear as his/her main weapon and has to perform favors to certain Norse gods in order to learn magic, and he/she has to continue to do those favors to refill mana.

For the prototype, the main character arrives in a village and has to perform the favor of giving the villagers meadskins by killing boars, when the player realizes that a Norse god requires you to sacrifice boars in order to use fire magic. When the player comes back to the village, he finds that it’s being attacked by trolls, so the player has to use his magic and spear attacks to kill the trolls.

Right now, the prototype level has the look mostly done–it still needs a finished textures, paths, and water volumes–but it does not have gameplay yet. I’ll make another post when the gameplay is done and the prototype is ready for our Kickstarter fundraiser.