Environmental Design for Shadows of Niflheim

I’ve done most of the hard work in the environmental design of this level, and you can download it here by clicking on the link below:


To use it, unzip the folder and then go to UDK/UDK Game/Binaries/Win32/UDK.exe

After clicking on the UDK executable, if the map doesn’t load automatically, then search for the PROTOTYPE map and play.

As for what I’ve done, I created a decent blockout of the terrain and added some of the artists’ assets, but I used generic Content Browser assets for the textures. Unfortunately, some of the textures, and even the skybox, don’t seem to work, so the overall package looks unfinished. As I’m working on other projects, I will try to fix these issues to the best of my ability, and then I will post a better version of this in another post. My apologies.